Monthly Archives: December 2019

Feminist philanthropy

Our December 2019 issue on feminist philanthropy is out guest edited by Ise Bosch and Ndana Bofu-Tawamba

Ise and Ndana argue that a focus on funding for ‘women and girls’ is not enough. Rather philanthropy needs a feminist consciousness. In one of our more politically charged issues, many contributors highlight the need to question social constructions of gender, challenge political and economic orthodoxies, shift power to the most marginalised, adopt an intersectional approach and place women’s rights and gender equality front and centre. The lead article by Ise and Ndana is here

There are also some male perspectives on feminism including my editorial here

Elsewhere, we talk to Sandra Breka about a major overhaul at the Robert Bosch Foundation and their new climate programme. And David Bonbright discusses several books which respond in different ways to critiques of our philanthropy sector levelled by Anand Giridharadas.