Since 2016, I’ve served as the executive editor of Alliance magazine, the leading non-profit quarterly publication and website covering global philanthropy. Alliance‘s mission is to help philanthropy – in all its forms – do the most good by giving it the attention and scrutiny it deserves. We do this by holding up a mirror to the field providing space for news, views and interviews and debating key issues, trends and developments.

Before that, I was the executive director of the Pears Foundation. During my decade long tenure, it became known as one of the UK’s leading foundations noted for its commitment to good philanthropic practice and a reflective approach rooted in trusting relationships with partners – something which continues to this day. I worked closely with Trevor Pears, the Foundation’s executive chair, to develop the Pears family’s philanthropic vision, partnerships and operations. I was known for my strategic approach, sense of purpose and willingness to take risks most notably in relation to our work in Israel-Palestine, where I Ied efforts to open space for British Jews to meet Israelis and Palestinians ,and learn more about their often conflicting realities, histories and experiences.

At Stanford University’s Centre on Philanthropy and Civil Society on sabbatical in 2013-14, I co-taught a philanthropy class on the history and ethics of philanthropy and guided students in making rational and purposeful decisions to distribute $100,000 to charitable causes. I also researched and published a detailed study of philanthropy education in Europe which was credited with contributing to a rising tide of academic interest in philanthropy and a stimulus to further teaching and research – a topic covered further in a 2017 special feature in Alliance.

In a personal capacity, I led the campaign and legal effort to extend civil partnerships to different sex couples together with my partner, Dr Rebecca Steinfeld, and the wider Equal Civil Partnerships community. In October 2018, the UK Prime Minister announced that the choice of a civil partnership would be made available to all couples following our resounding victory at the UK Supreme Court. In March 2019 the UK Parliament passed the Civil Partnerships Bill giving all couples the choice of a civil partnership as a modern, equal and feminist alternative to marriage. Rebecca and I formed our civil partnership on 31st December 2019. I tweet @charleskeidan

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  1. Desmond Banks

    I would like to support your judicial review. I have been in correspondence with Sir Malcolm Rifkind on the subject, as I wish to have a civil partnership with the mother of our two daughters. I live up the road from you in Oxford Gardens.


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