I am editor of Alliance, a magazine that specialises in philanthropy and is recognised as a leading source of comment and analysis on the philanthropic sector.

Previously, I directed the Pears Foundation for almost a decade working closely with British philanthropist Trevor Pears to develop the vision of the foundation, lead the foundations’ strategic partnerships and run its day-to-day work. During my tenure, Pears Foundation grew into one of the UK’s largest foundations and also became known for its reflective approach and commitment to good philanthropic practice – something which continues to this day.

In 2013-14, I took a sabbatical at Stanford University’s Centre on Philanthropy and Civil Society and the Centre for Giving and Philanthropy at Cass Business School. At Stanford, I co-taught a political science and ethics class, in which students distributed $100,000 (of real money) to charitable causes. At Cass, I published a study on philanthropy education in Europe which mapped the countries, institutions and disciplines in which philanthropy is taught and analysed the future development of the field. The research has been credited with contributing to a rising tide of academic interest in philanthropy and a stimulus to further teaching and research.

In a personal capacity, together with my partner, Dr Rebecca Steinfeld, I lead the UK-wide effort to open the institution of civil partnerships to all. I tweet @charleskeidan

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