Social movements and philanthropy

The June 2020 issue of Alliance is out

As the social and economic impact of the pandemic becomes clearer, the dramatic events of recent months are likely to generate a new wave of social movements of all shapes and sizes at the cutting edge of social change.

The relationship of social movements to philanthropy is the focus of this long-planned issue. Data from Candid suggests that less than 1 per cent of funding goes to support movements. Here is an area in which institutional philanthropy has been missing in action. Yet this crisis could be the moment when philanthropy first understands and then really gets behind social movements.

This issue of Alliance was originally proposed by South African philanthropy practitioner Halima Mahomed, who noted how social movements were changing the African continent while seemingly passing philanthropy by. Halima is joined as guest editor by Graciela Hopstein in Brazil and Romy Krämer in Spain to give you a global overview of social movement philanthropy.

The issue also contains an interview with the CEO of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Antonio Zappulla.


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