Investments: philanthropy in the balance

Our new issue on foundation investments was launched on 1 September 2020. The issue is guest edited by Danielle Walker Palmour, director of the Friends Provident Foundation, who brings her wealth of experiences working in the financial and voluntary sector. The issue includes state of the debate discussion of foundation investments across the world with views from China, Colombia, South Africa, Singapore, and Australia among others countries.

The issue includes a candid and controversial dialogue between Danielle and Larry Kramer and Ana Marshall the CEO and CIO of the Hewlett Foundation, one of the world’s leading foundations and climate funders. In the dialogue, Kramer condemns what he sees as ‘virtue signalling’ demands for foundations to divest from fossil fuels, suggests that calls for everyone to spend more now to meet immediate needs are ‘short-sighted’ and argues that impact investing is just ‘nibbling around the edges’, while leaving the prevailing system of neoliberalism intact.

You can read our news story and full interview here.

It’s also the subject of my editorial

The new issue also includes an interview with the European Foundation Centre ‘s new chair, Angel Font, and the launch of what we hope will be an important new column Philanthropy Confidential to safely and anonymously raise challenging issues and dilemmas in our sector.


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